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Gas stations

How big is tankpool24’s network of gas stations?

More than 2,000 gas stations across Germany and Europe form part of the tankpool24 gas station network, with more and more being added regularly. Our gas stations are located near motorways, in industrial estates, and at important transportation hubs. All our gas stations are equipped with video surveillance and automated fuel pumps. In addition, most gas stations also have toilets or sanitary facilities.

How do I find tankpool24 gas stations?

You can find an overview of all our gas stations by using our helpful tankpool24 gas station finder or by using the tankpool24 app.

In which countries can I refuel with tankpool24?

Our gas stations are located across Germany and the following European countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Hungary, and the Netherlands.

How does the automated fuel pump work?

Within Germany, simply hold your fuel card against the NFC card reader device. Outside Germany, swipe the magnetic strip of the hybrid card slowly through the card reader. For security purposes, you will be asked for your PIN once the data have been read. If desired, you have the option to enter your mileage in kilometers. Following this, select the fuel pump number and confirm with “OK” (or *). Remove the nozzle; the fuel will begin to be pumped following a short delay.


What products are available using the tankpool24 fuel card?

You can use your tankpool24 fuel card to refuel with diesel, AdBlue®, LNG, and gasoline from a variety of gas stations across our large network.

What’s more, you can also take advantage of the many vehicle washing and parking facilities provided by our partners, with quick and simple payment using your fuel card.

Can I refuel with AdBlue® directly at tankpool24 gas stations?

Yes, in addition to conventional fuels, AdBlue® is available at every tankpool24 gas station. Simply access one of the car or truck fuel pumps and select AdBlue®.

Does the tankpool24 gas station network also include LNG fuel stations?

Yes – by using our LNG card, you can take advantage of our growing network of LNG fuel stations. You can find our network of LNG fuel stations here.

How do I find tankpool24 vehicle washing facilities?

You can find our tankpool24 vehicle washing facilities by using the gas station finder. Simply use the filter function to quickly and easily find the right facilities for your vehicle.

How does the invoicing process work when paying for vehicle washing facilities using my tankpool24 fuel card?

You “pay” for using vehicle washing facilities using your tankpool24 fuel card. The cost for using these facilities is then booked to your account and will be included in your regular invoice from us together with your refuelling costs.

What safety measures are in place at tankpool24 secure spaces?

Our security measures are in accordance with the latest SSTPA standards as certified by DEKRA. The entire parking area is fenced in and monitored by video surveillance around the clock. Furthermore, access to the area is restricted – it is only possible to enter the parking area after having identified yourself with a tankpool24 card.

Are there sanitary facilities available at tankpool24 secure spaces?

Yes – in addition to clean sanitary facilities and separate male and female showers, tankpool24 secure spaces also offer a range of services such as washing machines, food and drink facilities, and free Wi-Fi. You can find more information on our tankpool24 secure spaces.

Fuel Card

What are the advantages of having a tankpool24 fuel card?

Having a tankpool24 fuel card entitles you to make use of a broad network of more than 2,000 gas stations across Germany and Europe. It also provides you with simple, cost-effective, and secure access to high-quality products.

In addition to multiple types of fuels, we also offer a wide range of value-added services to support you and your fleet.

What types of fuel card systems does tankpool24 offer?

We are dedicated to finding the best solution for every customer. For this reason, we offer four different fuel card systems. You can find an overview of our fuel card systems here.

How can I order a new fuel card?

You can order new fuel cards at any time via the customer portal. The cards are then verified and sent to you as soon as possible.

How can I change the number of cards allocated to my account?

Any changes you wish to make regarding your fuel cards can be made using the customer portal. For more information, please send us an email at or call +49 (0) 421 396 994 49.

Who can benefit from tankpool24’s fuel cards?

Any company can benefit from tankpool24’s fuel cards, regardless of size or specialization.


Can I use tankpool24 for easier passage through motorway toll booths?

Yes, to do so simply register in our toll portal. After registering, you will receive an email with further details. Once you have provided all the necessary information, we will provide you with a toll box that, once installed, will allow you to quickly and easily pass through motorway toll booths. The toll costs are then simply invoiced to your tankpool24 account.

If you are interested, please contact your sales partner or send an email to

Can I reclaim VAT through tankpool24?

Yes, find information on how we can help you get a VAT refund here.

For more information, simply contact your sales partner or send an email to .

Does my fuel card entitle me to use ADAC’s Truckservice?

Yes, you can use your tankpool24 fuel card to invoice costs for the ADAC’s breakdown, tyre, and cash delivery services. If you are interested, please contact your sales partner or send an email to .

Customer Portal

What are the benefits of using the DS card + drive customer portal?

As a DS card + drive customer, you can use the customer portal to order fuel cards quickly and easily. What’s more, premium users also have direct access to the most relevant information from their fleet. Thanks to our customer portal, managing fuel cards and your fleet has never been simpler. You can find more information about the many benefits of using our customer portal here.

I can’t log in/I forgot my password. What should I do?

Simply contact your sales partner or send an email to . We will reset your password as soon as possible.

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