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Diesel Fuels

Our gas stations provide customers with high-quality diesel products at fair prices. Thanks to the availability of our products throughout Germany and our very good network of gas stations in Europe, we are the perfect partner for your mobility needs.

Diesel (B7)

DIN standard EN 590 stipulates that B7 diesel may contain up to 7% biodiesel. This premium diesel is created by distilling crude oil between 170‒390°C to create gas oil. This places it in the category of the “middle distillates”. Sulphur is then removed from the gas oil, which is further refined to create diesel.

In a final step, special additives are mixed into the fuel to further enhance its properties.

For example, winter diesel contains extra additives that prevent the formation of paraffin in cold temperatures and ensure that the fuel is still able to flow well.

In accordance with Section 13 of the 10th Ordinance on the Implementation of the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchV), fuel quality must clearly be specified on fuel pumps and at gas stations. For this reason, all diesel fuel pumps in Germany must bear the round sticker specified in Appendix 3 of the 10th Ordinance on the Implementation of the BImSchV and the text “Dieselkraftstoff schwefelfrei” [sulphur-free diesel].


Diesel (B0)

We also provide diesel B0, diesel with no bio-additives, upon request.

This powerful fuel reduces consumption while boosting performance efficiency. Diesel B0 is a particularly good fuel choice in winter, where it can be used in temperatures as low as ‒28°C.

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