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To offer our customers the best possible service, we have a range of offers to choose from when it comes to truck parking. These can be customised to meet your individual needs.

Secure spaces

Am langen Graben 26a, 52353 Düren, GERMANY

Enjoy a wide range of services at our tankpool24 secure spaces. Our security measures are in accordance with the latest SSTPA standards as certified by DEKRA. The entire parking area is fenced in and monitored by video surveillance 24/7. Drivers may only enter the parking area after having identified themselves with a tankpool24 card. Identification is possible 24/7, meaning drivers don’t have to compromise on flexibility.

Additional benefits:

  • Clean sanitary facilities and separate male and female showers,
  • Washing machines and clothes driers,
  • Food and drink facilities (restaurant and vending machines),
  • Free Wi-Fi and electricity,
  • tankpool24 gas station.

First-class security, fair prices:

  • For 1‒7 hours: €5/hour commenced
  • Daily rate (from 8 hours): €42/day
  • Book today at:
Claim back up to 80% of your parking fees:
  • The German Federal Logistics and Mobility Office (BALM) supports the use of paid, secure parking areas through its “De-minimus” funding programme.
  • To claim money back on your parking, simply submit a list of your parking fees as a collective invoice to BALM’s free eService portal.
  • BALM reimburses up to 80% of parking fees for trucks heavier than 7.5 t.
  • The eService portal and instructions on how to make a claim can be found at (currently only available in German).
Truck parking made simple

tankpool24 PARK YOUR TRUCK

Our PARK YOUR TRUCK partnership allows us to provide even more parking spaces for our customers. The never-ending search for a truck parking space is finally over thanks to this additional service. Available in advance or last minute, book one of our comfortable, secure parking spaces and rest easy knowing that you have a space waiting for you.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this service, please register at

Free parking spaces

To round off our wide range of parking services, we have created a list of our free parking spaces across Germany for your convenience.

Our free parking spaces cannot be reserved.

Overview of our free parking spaces
Date: 04.01.2023
Number Name Address Postcode Town/City
101501 Eichenzell Am Langen Acker 17 36124 Eichenzell
109501 Geisenfeld Bajuwarenstraße 2 85290 Geisenfeld
117101 Langenzersdorf Pappelstraße 2 2103 Langenzersdorf
117301 Grafenwörth Gewerbering 3 3484 Grafenwörth
118001 Sankt Valentin Handelsstrasse 7 4300 Sankt Valentin
118301 Anthering Gewerbestrasse 13 5102 Anthering
118401 Flachau Wagrainer Straße 337 5542 Flachau
118501 Loosdorf Südstraße 3 3382 Loosdorf
118601 Puch Urstein Nord 63 5412 Puch bei Hallein
118801 Puch Urstein Nord 52 5412 Puch bei Hallein
119001 Ort im Innkreis Hausruckstraße 4974 Ort im Innkreis
262201 Möckmühl Habichtshöfe 1 74219 Möckmühl
262501 Sinsheim Neulandstraße 38 74889 Sinsheim
372801 Castrop-Rauxel Westring 225 44579 Castrop-Rauxel
400901 Stralsund Koppelstraße 5 18437 Stralsund
401601 Waren Strelitzer Straße 141 17192 Waren
401701 Handewitt Skandinavien-Bogen 1a 24983 Handewitt
402001 Schleswig Marie-Curie-Straße 1 24837 Schleswig
406401 Grünheide Eichenstraße 3 15537 Grünheide
406501 Uelzen Ludwig-Erhardt-Straße 4 29525 Uelzen
440601 Dillingen Nachtweide 14 89407 Dillingen
444401 Röhrnbach Außernbrünst 14 94133 Röhrnbach
445701 Hengersberg Donaustraße 4 94491 Hengersberg
612801 Lichtenau Chemnitzer Straße 31 9244 Lichtenau
614301 Gotha Schlegelstraße 13-15 99867 Gotha
615301 Triptis Zeppelinstraße 7 7819 Triptis
671201 Greding Industriestraße 17 91171 Greding
672201 Sangerhausen Plattenwerk 2 6526 Sangerhausen

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