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DS card + drive Customer Portal

Take advantage of the many advantages of our customer portal. Even on the road, you can access all relevant data of your fleet at a glance. Premium users benefit from additional features and analyses such as authorization rules, refueling process limits and individual evaluations.

DS card + drive Customer Portal

As a DS card + drive customer, you can order additional cards quickly and easily via our protected and encrypted customer service area. The online customer portal also gives you direct access to all relevant data from your fleet.

Customer portal

With the DS card + drive customer portal you have a direct access to all relevant data from your fleet and you can view the fuelling processes real-time online.

  • Card management
  • Easy ordering of your fuel cards
  • Contingent allocation per day and accounting period
  • High level of security through the possibility of immediate card blocking and unblocking
  • Detailed overview of your card inventory
  • Authorization rules: individual allocation of periods of refuelling per card
  • Registering the official driver card
  • Extensive management of your card inventory
  • Individual evaluation per vehicle and on the fleet level
  • Mileage recording (optional)
  • Personal invoice archive
  • Consumption analysis
  • You can merge the data from your various fuel card providers
  • Exportable evaluation for your fleet management

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