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DS card + drive GmbH

Member of Diersch & Schröder group

A DS card + drive is a partner in tankpool24, a European network of modern gas stations. As a subsidiary of the Diersch & Schröder Group founded in Bremen in 1920, DS card + drive has a long tradition of energy supply.


  • 1999 The idea of operating our own automatic filling stations was born
  • 2000 Foundation of DS card + drive with headquarters in Bremen, Managing Director Peter Wallny, Operational Management Christoph Avé-Lallemant
  • In the following years, the sales network is developed and the first own filling stations are built, DS card + drive becomes a partner in the filling station association tankpool24.
  • 2007 tankpool24 international, founding member DS card + drive GmbH
  • 2008 Christoph Avé-Lallemant is appointed Managing Director alongside Peter Wallny.
  • 2010 DS card + drive GmbH celebrates its 10th anniversary.
  • 2012 DS card + drive opens its 55th own filling station.
  • 2015 DS card + drive celebrates its 15th anniversary.
  • 2017 Norbert Mikulla replaces Peter Wallny as the second Managing Director alongside Christoph Avé-Lallemant at DS card + drive.
  • 2018 Christoph Avé-Lallemant becomes the sole Managing Director of DS card + drive
  • 2019 Foundation of card + drive Polska sp. z o.o.
  • 2020 20th anniversary of the company DS card + drive
  • 2024 Timo Czerwanski and Moritz Schröder jointly replace Christoph Avé-Lallemant as Managing Directors

Companies of Diersch & Schröder group

The Bremen-based company Diersch & Schröder, founded in 1920, is active in the fields of energy, chemistry and young business. Today, the DS group employs more than 800 people at various locations.

As an energy trading company, DS supplies its customers with heating, fuel, lubricants and electricity. This includes import, wholesale and retail, tank storage logistics and the operation of gas stations. The chemicals division develops and produces tailor-made chemical formulations for a wide variety of areas such as metalworking fluids, cleaners, paints and varnishes, fibre, paper and agriculture.

Economy and efficiency, but also the conscious use of environmental resources and the assumption of social responsibility determine the actions of the DS group.


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