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You can now take advantage of our new LNG fuel station network.

LNG is an abbreviation for “liquefied natural gas” – natural gas that has been cooled to around minus 160°C, at which point it takes on liquid form. When liquefied, natural gas takes up 600 times less space than it does in gas form, making it the ideal fuel.


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Cut costs, reduce emissions

LNG-powered vehicles are just as powerful as those powered by diesel, with the added advantage of being more cost-efficient. In addition, LNG-powered vehicles produce cleaner emissions than diesel, reducing pollution through CO2, nitrous oxides, and particulate matter.

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Cost benefits

In Germany, freight forwarders can profit from a range of state-funded subsidy programmes. For example:
  • LNG-powered vehicles are exempt from toll charges until at least 2023,
  • LNG used as a fuel will be taxed at a lower rate until at least 2026,
  • LNG-powered vehicles are not subject to the same traffic bans as diesel-powered vehicles.

Fewer emissions

Compared with diesel, LNG-powered engines emit

  • 25 % less CO2,*
  • 80 % less nitrogen oxides (NOx),*
  • and 90 % less particulate matter.*
  • LNG-powered engines also run approx. 50 % quieter than traditional diesel engines.*

*Source: Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches e.V. [German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water]


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Safety briefing:

Our safety briefing on how to refuel LNG-powered vehicles can be carried out in-person or online. You can find more information on this in our fuel station overview.

Please note that appropriate protective clothing is required. This can be purchased from us directly.


Protective clothing:

As of October 2020, the cryogenic protective clothing currently required to handle LNG includes:

  • Safety glasses or face shield that complies with EN 166 standards,
  • Chemical and cryogenic protective gloves,
  • Sturdy, closed shoes and apron,
  • Clothing that covers the entire body.

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